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Better than it sounds meme

I couldn't pass up this fun--is it sad that this is the only thing I've posted on here my WHOLE semester? Stupid graduating semester, making me do all kinds of extra crap...
BTW, the literature selection completely blew--they didn't have any of my favorite Dickens novels OR even Orient Express by Chrisite! LAME.

Better Than It Sounds Meme!!!

Pick 10 movies/anime/video games/literary works, post their summaries from Better Than It Sounds, and have your friends guess

1. Cop gets run over and wakes up in 1973. His boss is a misogynistic, racist homophobe, the main character may or may not be hallucinating everything, and he's being stalked by Sadako's English cousin. Life on Mars cranberrysheep 

2. A woman with a cheating husband, a domineering mother, and serious self-esteem issues figures out how to solve all her problems with the help of her imaginary friend from childhood. Drop Dead Fred cranberrysheep 

3. Historical Sit-Com, in which every generation of a charismatic but extremely unlucky man's family both looks the same and possesses the same name, as does almost everyone else he encounters. Each man is unfortunate enough to be surrounded by half-wits, incompetents and lunatics, and is waited upon by a servant whose standards of personal hygiene are barely human at best. Blackadder paradoxymoron 

4. Puffball attacks penguin because he can't have any dreams. Kirby's Adventure tehboypop 

5. A young man uses a discontinued sports car to visit his children. Someone steals the car to get himself a sports almanac and then returns it. This changes all reality. Back to the Future II (TOO EASY!) paradoxymoron 

6. Foreign Legion defector, librarian and greedy man try stopping an undead adulterer from destroying the world. The Mummy. Discovered by NO ONE! Really guys? Tsk, tsk.

7. A bunch of nerds play practical jokes on each other and their professor, though the latter quickly becomes Serious Business. With the help of a super-smart hermit and copious amounts of popcorn, they save the day.  Real Geniusparadoxymoron  I GUESS I'll give it to you...

8. A duke learns that his best friend is a she. Twelfth Nightparadoxymoron

9. A rich snob plays matchmaker. Hilarity Ensues. Emma cranberrysheep 

10. Four students who hate each other live together. The Young Ones lil_senmurv

HEEEEEYYY tehboypop!

9-9:50 A.M. HIS 448: Victorian Britain
12-12:50 ENG 419: Shakespeare
2-3:20 HIS 467: Eastern Europe

9:30-10:45 ENG 300: Writing About Literature
12:30-1:45 ENG 455: Major Authors: Melville and Whitman

9-9:50 A.M. HIS 448: Victorian Britain
12-12:50 ENG 419
2-3:20 HIS 467 Eastern Europe

9:30-10:45 ENG 300: Writing About Literature
12:30-1:45 ENG 455: Major Authors: Melville and Whitman

9-9:50 A.M. HIS 448: Victorian Britain
12-12:50 ENG 419: Shakespeare

...yes, I'm sorry I did drop 471--it just looked so tedious! I'm sorry ;^; But, I'm sure we can get together on Fridays, eh? *love*

Image meme? WHAT WHAT!

I so love these types of memes! Let it be noted, however, that this is from my lappy and I don't have a large variety of pictures on this thing--it's mostly cosplay and tv show related stuff. I think I was able to get along pretty well, though! ALSO, these pictures are pretty big, so be warned!

Pictures AHOY!Collapse )

My life according to... The Killers

All right, well, I'm stealing this from Elyse 'cause it sounds fun and awesome! Don't worry, I wouldn't take ANY OF YOUR country stars!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Re-post as "my life according to (band name)"
Pick your Artist:
The Killers

Are you a male or female:

Describe yourself:
Joy Ride

How do you feel:
Why do I keep counting?

Describe where you currently live:
Where the White Boys dance (Which is, ironically, the ONLY song of theirs I hate!!)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Sam's Town

Your favorite form of transportation:

Your best friend is:
Jenny was a friend of mine

You and your best friends are:
Glamorous Indie rock and roll

What's the weather like:
Mr. Brightside

Favorite time of day:
Midnight Show

Your favorite color:
Neon Tiger

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
A Dustland Fairytale

What is life to you:
Smile Like You Mean it

Your relationship:
Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
The Ballad of Michael Valentine

Thought for the Day:
Goodnight, Travel Well.

That was a little harder than I thought--and Day and Age must really be on my mind...

So, I'm following along with this little meme:
1.) Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
2.) Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal.
3.) Give out letters to those who comment in return.
And I got F and S from Wilma and James.

1. Fuck: The curse word. My family can attest to my potty mouth, but there's just nothing else like that word.
2. Ficken (see above, but just, you know, in German 'cause that's how I roll!)
3. Friends: of the BESTEST variety
4. Farts: honestly, they're so funny. This isn't to be juvenile, per say, but I find it hilarious that everybody does but everyone wants to pretend they don't exist. I l-o-l heartily!
5. Fairplay, Colorado. This is known to most everyone else as "South Park--" yes, it does exist! In reality, South Park is just a small tourist trap town that is "frozen in place" in the late 1800s. It really is a great place, they don't have anyone patrolling and telling you not to touch anything--its laid back and enjoyable, just how I like my museums.
6. Fred Astaire: that man danced like no one else...except maybe Gene Kelly
7. Family: I'm so addicted to my family--*all emo like, pasty and sparkling* "They're like my own personal heroin."
8. F-U-N "'F' is for fire that burns down the whole town, 'U''s for Uranium...BOMBS! 'N' is for NO SURVIVORS!!" Wait, maybe that's NOT how the "FUN song" went..
9. Fred: Put Drop Dead in front of that and you have the love of my life. Well, kind of...


1. Simm: He was in the lakes!!
2. Sex---ahhhhh, who am I kidding? Sissy Virgins is more accurate! *Gives Vyvyan face*
3. Secret of Mana
4. Sam's Town
5. Samus Aran
6. Sailor Moon!11!1
7. Senmurv <3
8. Sean Biggerstaff
9. Simon Pegg
10. Stuuuuuuuuupid Goats....>:< ... <3

Drop a comment if you want a letter! ...NO IT'S NOT LIKE "HORSE!!"

Daron*Con wrap up AND Time Travel

So, Daron*Con was absolutely great! I'm sure Wilma will be posting pictures soon. It was awesome to see Daron again, you know IN THE FLESH, as opposed to her cyber persona here on lj. Her part of Indiana was so damn trendy and swanky! The houses there were huge and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! It was eye candy just driving through and enraging my jealousy. Some people had a damn WATER FEATURE in front of their houses, and the typical "gtfo and stop looking at my house" black iron fences. >:/ Watching movies, shows, and playing an awesome round of scrabble, generic Jenga, and Yahtzee was super fun!

On the last day there, we got into this discussion that began with Liz wondering how much it would have cost to own ALL the original My Little Ponies--this, inevitably led to our ideas of time travel. Now, all you need to know about the Dedman sisters is contained here, in the what would start as a my little pony escapade and turn into:

2. Murder (of any hawt men we spent time with in the 80's JUST IN CASE they turned out to be related to us)

3. Wilma Shitting in streets across history and taking pictures (You know how some people bring the gnome along their trips and take their pictures--yeah, this is KIND OF like that... Did you know, it was because of this that not only the French Revolution began but how everyone is now forced to bring along doggy bags when walking their dogs?)

4. Launching a satellite into space (Because everyone wanted to know what happened to Anastasia, and the only way to do that efficiently is through GPS, and the only way to do that is with a satellite. Did you know that because of this, many people are paranoid about aliens and the reason that Area 51 exists as well as all the Government cover-ups? 'Cause they freaked out when they saw it up there! O.O)

5. Putting a bunker on the dark side of the moon (1. so that no one would be able to detect it, and 2. because we needed SOMEWHERE to put all the artifacts we lifted across time)

6. Wilma cutting off her legs so she could be an Ewok in Return of the Jedi (This is after her and I going through multiple movie sets becoming hair dressers of the actors we like. "Oh, Billy, I mean--John Stockwell, we've both been sent to take care of your hair. Yes, smelling it is quite professional.")

7. This would all inevitably lead to my space raping of John Simm (after kidnapping him in his youth), Wilma's saving of a man who was supposed to be killed = paradox love(Doc Brown syndrome), and Elizabeth's hero worship--i.e. stopping off at pinnacle points in a guy's life and conveniently "saving" him from harm...= love?

So, there you have it, I'm a space rapist, Wilma's a savior, and Liz is haughty because of her subsequent hero worship. That's what happens when the Dedman sisters with the aid of Daron travel through time!

So, as a side note, if you could travel anywhere in time where would it be, and more importantly, WHAT WOULD YOU STEAL?
UPDATE time, 'cause I haven't posted for awhile...

So, I'm all excited for Daron*Con--it's nice to get out of the house and go VISIT someone. I went put-putting last weekend, which was awesome--I need more friends close to home to hang out with :C Summer has just been uneventful.

School: Just finished "Breakfast of Champions" for my English summer class. It's sad, we only had like five people in class this week and the only person who kept up with the reading was me...typical... ANYway, I didn't like the book simply because of Vonnegut's pretentiuosness *eye roll* He did some interesting literary things i.e. had himself, as the writer go into his story and react with his own creations, but his need to re-tell history and the "facts about America," was annoying. Meh, whatever...

Hair: Just got my hair cut, which is great! It had gotten so long I just ran out of things to do with it. Also, since we're going camping in less than a month, I didn't want to deal with all the extra hair with the little showering we would have time for. I get this bob each summer and it's so nice to have that weight off my head. I wasn't planning on doing it today, but I have loads of time while I wait for Wilms, so I took the oppurtunity while I was still loaded up on caffeine form my Monster this morning. (who am I kidding I'm still giddy from that shit!!)

Funny story: I'm always good for these...actually I'm better for awkward stories, but this was one that the OTHER person should be awkward about NOT me!
So, I had to work at my father's office on Wednesday, so I dressed up in a black dress (that was free! :o ) and had hose on as well as high-heels--whole shabang. Well, I went to my class like that 'cause I didn't want to change halfway through the day. So, I'm walking to the office on my way back from school and where the bus dropped me off, when all of a sudden a white jeep honks at me and this guy waves. Naturally, I wave back since,I don't know, what ELSE are you supposed to do?? All of a sudden, this guy makes a U-turn and pulls up next to the sidewalk and this is what I get:
Fucktard: Ohh... you looked like someone I know, I was going to give you a ride.
Me: Oh..
Fucktard: Oh, not that I'd *mind* giving you a ride.
Me: Oh, no thank you. I'm just making my way right over there to the office.
Fucktard: Oh, are you sure, I could give you a ride!
Me: No thanks, I'm RIGHT over there (I just said that..). Thanks anyway~ *weird look*
Fucktard: Oh.. *drives away*
Me: o.O ... :/
He was some business guy since he was wearing a suit and all, but seriously wtf? Who does that? Why would I look like someone you knew--I'm wearing a dress with high heels, a BACKPACK, and an mp3 player stuck in my ears. What kind of secretaries or whatever do you have? I didn't approach his car AT ALL, I stayed on the sidewalk. It was just...odd. I suppose I should have yelled "Stranger Danger" and ran away like a little girl. I was just thrown off by it. I'm sure he was trying to be nice and all, but I don't like being approached by cars on the sidwalk--make's my feel like a prossie.


Groundbolds and a new icon ^^

WHOAAAAAAH, NEW UNFORGOTTEN REALMS...and I have a new icon!! I was going to have it at just being amazed at the awesome sorcery of Abraham Lincoln--but that would be too close to Gaia's icon, sooooooo.... Originally I was going to have it replace my LazyTown "Squee" moment, but I still had one slot left, so, you know!

Enjoy Groundbolds and PLOT TWISTS!!11

P.S. FUCK YOU ILLINOIS AND YOUR DAMN HUMIDITY!! I MEAN, SERIOUSLY! If you were a person, I would punch you in your chicken salad sandwich...seriously....

Okay, so I had this comic for awhile sitting on my hardrive and I finally decided to go and read these letters

All I can see is...WOW! The same man who wrote Ulysses and The Dead and all this crap I read last semester is obsessed with poo and farts and a bit of a masochist.... Then again, the end of The Dead was pretty sexual...I guess it all makes sense now! I SO wish I knew about this last semester when I was studying about it--I so would have asked my Prof.! LULZ.
I really can't get over how pornographic it is--it cracks me up, but still embarasses me (besides the fact that I had to look up some definitions on urban dictionary.."friggin'" *cough, cough*). Then again, these were meant to be private letters so... As a side note, all of her responses "mysteriously vanished," so all we get to read is his creepy side with no response--it really does make him seem like a stalker. Although, you do see him get more and more ambitious and open with his fantasies as time goes on, so he must be getting some kind of encouragement. I suppose it's sweet....in a really creepy way...but sweet. Also, they got married shortly thereafter--d'aaaawwwwww. (still doesn't erase the "WTF???!!" faces that Liz and I both shared while we read them!)

As a side note, would this be too creepy to cosplay as? Most likely...and I'll probably never do it--but dammit it looks so cool! *v* I love my killers, and I'm so happy they did a video to this song--it's one of my favorites off of "day & age." (apparently though, it was a huge homage to David Bowie that some thought was too obvious and overdone--meh, whatever, they gave a bunch of artists the oppurtunity to go bat shit crazy on the costumes. JUST TAKE A LOOK at some of them...even the guy in the back thinks it's weird!)


Straight A's? Hellz yeah!

Okay, normally I am not one to parade my grades around. I am content with saying I do "alright," or "well," most of the time (unless my intelligence is called into question). I am very concerned about my grades and always strive for A's--it upsets me to no end when I get one B a semester. This has been a recurring theme my entire career in High School and College (except I think for one semester at Parkland)--that I will always get one B and the rest A's. Imagine my surprise and joy when I checked on my Spring grades and found straight A's!! It's one thing to get good grades, but I consider it a high mark to do so at the U of I.

Sorry, I don't want this to be a conceited post or anything, but you have no idea how upset I have been unable to break this streak of "one B," semesters. Wilma can attest to the fact of how down I was about it. Now, I get to be part of the cool club and on the Dean's list and everything like back at P-Land. I'm just ecstatic and wanted to share my joy.

/what appears to me to be a very self-righteous post

~Tori <3